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"Reliable & Elegant Solutions": Need of the hour. Today the world faces an economic and technology climate that is akin to a global future shock situation. There are more organizations today at inflection points than even before. Companies are faced with business critical problems that require solutions which are not only time critical but need well thought out planning and execution.

Randel Solutions has been founded on this very premise and two very simple guiding principles: Reliability and Elegance.

"Failure is not an option"…. neither for us or our clients is our guiding mantra. We pride ourselves on the relentless delivery of our promises. We measure our own success by client success and their satisfaction to our solutions. Backed by our very deep rooted insider experience in the technology and banking sectors, our belief is that old wine in an older bottle is no longer an option. Being IT Savvy is no more a choice for companies and executives but a mandate. Our experience suggests that too many of the problems faced today are a result of kluge business solutions and technology band aids applied over the years. We bring our experience to the table to look at the big picture from a Business and Enterprise Architecture perspective and also pay attention to the devil in the details and complexity of the existing implementations. We provide organizations with a problem solving roadmap that attacks low hanging fruit and yet helps them align to a strategic vision with tangible delivery of business value year on year. Our value proposition revolves around subject matter expertise and well-designed solution frameworks for many complex business and technology problems.

Randel Solutions is a young and extremely fast growing Business and IT solutions company that has been founded in the backdrop of a fast changing business and technology climate, with a mindset of solving the unique problems of today.

Our core focus areas are Banking and Finance, Mobile Technologies and Enterprise Architecture. We have a number of frameworks and accelerators in these areas that we use to help our clients solve complex business and IT problems.